The only thing in the way of you succeeding beyond your wildest dreams- is a STORY.

Are you ready to shift yours?

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Are you ready to make the shift?

This is for people who:

  • Are sick of feeling like victims of circumstance.
  • Want to take massive action in life but feel stuck in slow motion.
  • Feel like success and joy is for everyone else but impossible for them.
  • Aren't afraid of growth and want to see life changes happening NOW.

It all starts with FIVE SIMPLE STEPS

I know, I know.

You want it to be harder.

Success has felt so distant and so unattainable for so long, how could anyone say that five simple steps could possibly make anything significant happen?

Because my friend, that is all it took for me to completely change my life.

I'm Kirsten, and I am SO excited to help YOU.

I have stood in some of the brightest places this world has to offer, but have also found myself in some of the darkest.

The difference between these two extremes is often found in the stories we tell ourselves about who we are, and what is happening around us.

A simple shift can make a MASSIVE change when you are willing to devote yourself to a new story.

I've been helping women (and men) discover their true identity and the power they have to create a life they are obsessed with, faster than they ever thought possible.

The tools I share in side My Story Shift are simple, but powerful and insanely effective.

I can't wait to help YOU make the shift.

I'll see you inside...

Here's what's included in My Story Shift:

My Story Shift Framework

Pick a story- ANY STORY.

You're going to take that story through an exercise that will give you the tools to identify the root truths of the story, even if you thought you knew the truth before!

Each phase of the Shift builds upon the last, until you have totally and completely shifted the scenario or story to a new, more empowering one.

What you uncover will surprise you each and every time, and you may even find yourself replacing tears and pain with laughter and absolute peace!

The beauty of the exercise is it can be utilized again and again, with an infinite amount of stories and scenarios! You'll eventually be able to do the shift without needing to watch the videos or fill in the worksheets.

Oh, and there's some fun BONUSES too!


Let's Get Wordy

Did you know the words you choose and use change the course of your life?

No really...words are powerful and in this bonus I'll guide you through auditing your daily word choices and help you flip those words into ones that attract the people and things and situations you actually want in your life.


OUR Story

Connect with the people in your life on a deeper level and take the concepts you learn inside My Story Shift into your relationships.

I'll show you how to identify the stories of others and how to catch yourself when you are projecting your reality and truth onto others.